Simplified logistics, maximized supply chain efficiency

Take advantage of our expertise in operations management. Our services give you the flexibility to collaboratively manage multiple modes of transportation, focusing on visibility, control, and compliance to meet your business requirements. We can provide a comprehensive, quantitative snapshot of your real-time supply chain, giving you critical insight and actionable intelligence. This not only helps to mitigate risks and drive continuous improvement. It also means that you can make more timely and informed business decisions backed by solid data and expertise.


Order Management

Tired of calling vendors and monitoring each party along the order management process? Streamline your order management – from vendor-sourcing communications, order tracking, and shipment arrangement to order fulfillment – with our Fashiohubexpress Vantage Performance solutions. We provide training to your suppliers and network, and various role-specific accesses enable proper management from point of origins surrounding different types of orders.

Supplier Management

Are you still using Excel for your organization’s supplier management? Or stuck with a pricey vendor management software that isn't right for your business? Any company can make better business decisions with our supplier management system. It streamlines the process for all the suppliers involved, measuring their performance and improving overall business efficiency.

Transportation Planning and Routing

As a logistics service provider (LSP), we plan and execute the multi-modal transportations that are most optimized for your shipments. Can’t be everywhere at once? Our global control tower team closely monitors the process for you and can quickly adapt to any logistics disruption with alternative routing if needed. With our origin and destination operations expertise, we also provide various value-added services that maximize efficiency and cost savings.


Looking for end-to-end visibility and compliance? Our dedicated control tower team monitors all aspects of the supply chain so you can easily manage suppliers’ commitment, compliance processes and operations across multiple vendors and countries. Fashiohubexpress Vantage Performance automates and tracks data that measures the KPIs crucial to your success. By leveraging built-in data validation and intelligence automation for delivery and regulatory compliance, you will save time and effort while mitigating risks.

Cost Management

We stand by our promise of end-to-end operational excellence, including the management of all elements of logistics operating cost billing. As the critical interface between your vendors and in-house logistics team, Fashiohubexpress Vantage Performance offers effective and auditable cost management solutions, such as shipper-owned commercial invoice creation, various documentation sharing within a single platform. What does that mean for you? You save time and resources for better cost management.