Keep your business flying

Highly specialized aerospace logistics services for every stage of your supply chain

In an increasingly competitive, complex, and regulated global aerospace market, it is harder than ever to maintain margins, achieve best value in manufacturing, and keep aircraft airborne. Supply chain optimization has become a key strategy in the aerospace industry to address these challenges, accelerate processes, and reduce costs.

From streamlining the flow of parts and developing relationships with component vendors to providing comprehensive AOG services, Fashiohubexpress Logistics can give you a competitive edge. We are globally certified with ISO9001 for global operation and for the Aerospace Hub area with Aerospace Quality System Standard AS9120. We were also the first logistics company certified with Quality Management System for Aerospace parts JISQ-9100 in Japan. Put our aerospace-specific expertise to work for your supply chain.

Major aerospace market segments

  • Airlines
  • Airframe OEMs
  • Aircraft engine OEMs
  • Defense OEMs
  • Helicopter OEMs
  • Helicopter operator
  • Airframe MRO
  • Aircraft engine MRO
  • Aviation parts suppliers
  • Space industries
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Aircraft parts trading companies

Our Services

  • AOG support
  • Aircraft manufacturing supply chain
  • Aviation aftermarket supply chain
  • Aircraft engine transportation
  • Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) solution
  • Pre-shipping inspection
  • Customs clearance (duty reduction/ exemption declaration for aviation parts; re-import / export declaration)
  • Inbound manufacturing logistics
  • Kitting and Just-in-time (JIT) delivery
  • Consolidation hub
  • Visibility IT system
  • Contract logistics

Why Fashiohubexpress Logistics?

  • A dedicated team of regional aerospace experts with deep insight into the aerospace industry as well as access to supply chain best practices from across all of our industry verticals
  • A close partnership and unparalleled attention to detail both locally and regionally through our emphasis on Gemba – the practice of understanding and focusing on front-line operations
  • A single point of contact at the senior level for clear communication and flexible decision-making
  • A Kaizen culture that ensures continuous improvement of our global Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) along with consistent and seamless service across our network
  • Our proprietary, customizable logistics technology platform, which seamlessly integrates with your systems to minimize capital expenditure in this area