Our people are our most important asset

Fashiohubexpress Logistics knows the value of our people – from our employees to our stakeholders, our suppliers to our subcontractors. We believe in prioritizing employee engagement, diversity, equity, inclusion, physical and psychological safety, well-being, and people development. To ensure a safe, respectful, and inclusive work environment, we offer skill development and training programs to support employee growth and progress and help cultivate new business. We believe in the importance of global social contribution initiatives as a way to demonstrate our values and contribute to society.

Physical and Psychological Health and Safety

We strive to create a physically and psychologically safe and healthy workplace for all employees. Supporting our people through high standards of physical and mental health is one of our highest priorities. We see their overall health and well-being as key to the success of our organization.

Employee Engagement

In order to continue to be the world’s preferred logistics supply chain company, we believe it is important to be a company worthy of our employees’ favor as well. Through the following initiatives, our company aims to increase employee sympathy, increase employee engagement, and create a healthy work environment in which each employee can work in a lively and energetic manner in order to achieve sustainable improvements in organizational performance.


People Development

We believe that the growth of all employees is important. To become an organization that supports the careers of all our employees – careers worth living and working for – we need to support, challenge, and motivate individuals to reach their full potential. ​Our vision is to create a highly engaged, high-performing workforce equipped with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to exceed personal and business expectations.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Proud that our employees come from such a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, we respect and value each individual, celebrating our differences and working to understand one another. We believe that this diversity is one of our strengths as a company.

We have a corporate culture that respects each other, understands differences, and accepts and makes use of diverse values.​ By respecting individuality and making decisions that are not influenced by country, gender, age, etc., we will build a stronger organizational foundation. Inclusion and our collective efforts to become one team help ensure our place as the world's preferred supply chain logistics company.

Environmental Conservation Activities

Fashiohubexpress Logistics is dedicated to being “a good corporate citizen” and honoring our core values. To this end, we support social contribution initiatives such as disaster support, environmental conservation, welfare, and cultural support around the world. Our employees share in this sense of responsibility and contribute accordingly.


Forestry conservation in Singapore


Forestry conservation in Nagano Prefecture, Japan


Support for local children's activities in the Philippines